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Why I Like Doming

Camping in a Geodesic Dome

Doming is one of my favorite things to do! It is a unique way to experience so many things, such as starting a greenhouse or uniquely hosting an event. Today, I want to focus on what I use domes the most for: camping.

Camping I love camping in a Dome. Essentially, the geodesic dome serves as a dome tent; it is where I sleep when I want to camp under the stars. We have a great area set out with a field, and we have a dome there when we want to camp outside.
Camping in a geodesic dome allows you to experience nature in a new way. Have you ever stayed in a dome tent in the middle of a rainstorm? It is beautiful! These domes are well-built and sturdy. They protect you from a lot, including storms. I find that there is nothing more peaceful than lying on the bed in our dome tent and staring up at the sky as the rain falls. Of course, that only happens when we don’t have the insulated padding up!
Everyone should invest in a geodesic dome, whether it be for camping, event hosting, starting a greenhouse, or even just simple living. They are an excellent long-term investment, and I am looking forward to using ours for years to come.

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