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We create your dreams, while aligning design and quality. Domespaces does not only promise, but build as well. Our family loves being part of your dreams and fulfilling them. Whether it is a dome home, camping home, a treehouse, or just design and build, this is our thing. We create living and playing spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life with products that respect the environment. We provide Dome products that improve our client's business and make life outdoors better, and guide innovations in this space to the market. Our main vision statement is: Build Customers' Dreams, Because Your Content Builds Our Reputation.

Check out some of our Dome units

  • Camping Domes

    Camping Domes

    Our Camping domes  kits are available in several sizes.We are selling in USA and North America. The high quality of our Geodesic Tents,steel structure, combined with high quality PVC membrane ensures that Camping domes can be used year round. Outfit your dome with all many of the comforts of your home. We offer many options that will make your dome experience feel like home. Let us design your dome the way you like it. Power can be supplied by solar panels, or generator. A portable wood stove can keep you warm. Our Camping Domes can be connected to existing electrical and water supply, eco digester system or a septic tank. Installation of camping domes/ Geodesic tents (USA) are easily assembled at site. We provide you with manual instruction and support. Pods can be expanded to clients desired size. In most cases there is no need for building permits. It can be easily set up by anyone. Each camping tent is supported by support steel “feet” which can be anchored to wooden, concrete or hard ground. Decking is available for the structure along with a variety of interior floors. A variety of floors and options. We are selling Camping domes, camping tents, Glamping homes,Geodesic homes in USA and Canada, we are the first USA's manufacturer
  • Hardshell Domes HSD

    Hardshell Domes HSD

    The fiberglass frame offers superior strength with a futuristic design and customizable color choices. Wind and snow are not a problem for these domes! They can withstand winds in excess of 100mph and heavy weight loads. Hard-shell domes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort! Sizes range from 16 feet to 66 feet in diameter. o Incredibly resilient o Super high efficiency o 100 plus year life span o Fire resistant o Storm resistant Dome panel materials are customizable. Choose from: o Fiberglass panels in standard white or a selection of alternative colors o Rockwool insulation between fiberglass panels for additional insulation o Aluminum panels for a modern appearance o Polycarbonate panels for natural UV protection and durability
  • DSG Domes

    DSG Domes

    The DSG geodesic domes feature tempered glass bay windows that enhance the panoramic views from inside your dome. Exterior Covers are made of high-quality weather-resistant PVC that is built to last many years. Enjoy comfort any time of the year in your geodesic dome house. The DSG series is luxury living in the great outdoors. Having the glass panoramic window will make your dome home experience extra special. The DSG series is available in several sizes to match your needs.
  • Glass Domes

    Glass Domes

    Geodesic Glass domes are used in camping, residential, commercial, Education, scientific, hospitality, corporate, and military applications. We set out to raise the bar. We are here to deliver an experience beyond compare and to exceed your expectations. Domespaces is the nations leading Geodesic Glass Domes supplier.Geodesic  Glass domes come in a variety of sizes. The combination of the geodesic form and variety of Aluminum alloy frame colors make the glass dome super strong against the elements. Dome glass options include customized glass colors. The tempered glass is available in transparent, tinted, laminated, insulated and low – e -insulated. Glass comes in single pane tempered glass, laminated safety glass double pane insulated glass and low e insulated. Customize your dome with our large selection of glass colors. The dome can be built fully transparent, 1/3 transparent and 2/3 color ,1/2 transparent ½ color, or entire dome one color Domes are available with optional accessories to enhance the experience. Design your domes interior to suit your tastes. Dome life is fast becoming the new way of life. On grid or off. Glass domes are just like traditional homes. Make your dome a home install a kitchen, bathroom & furniture. For privacy decorative privacy panels are offered. They are available in many colors and textures. The frames for the glass domes are aluminum alloy, which is strong load bearing metal, it is light weight, durable and stable. The glass panels have a very high wind and insulation rating. The dome frames are offered in standard original aluminum grey color as well as white, black, gold, stoving varnish, cream, brown and reddish brown. Our staff of engineers and designers will help you design the glass dome of your dreams.
  • Bubble Domes

    Bubble Domes

    Be inspired by nature: A  Bubble Dome is the perfect way to experience it. Bubble Domes are fast becoming the go to product for people who love the outdoors. Bubble Dome camping is growing faster than traditional camping tents, and not just because we offer eco-friendly products. The Bubble Domes feature spacious floor plans with the perfect blend of innovation and comfort. Bubble Domes range in size from 13 feet to over 26 feet in diameter. The floor area ranges from 135 to over 540 square feet. Bubble Domes are equipped with a quiet, high-end 550 watt blower, except for 23 and 26 feet in diameter which comes with two blowers. Bubble Domes are outfitted with a glass entry door and a steel door frame. Bubble Domes are constructed from high-grade PVC with a steel frame. They are waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, and can function in temperatures ranging from 5 degrees F to over 120 degrees F. A repair kit and storage bag are included in each unit. Thanks to the Bubble Dome you will truly enjoy nature and the great outdoors.Please visit us at to buy your Bubble Dome today.  
  • MRD Fiberglass domes

    MRD Fiberglass domes

    Domespaces'  Fiberglass Domes are strong, spacious domes that are made to standup to all types of extreme environments. The MRD construction is high grade fiberglass The dome features sprayed insulation and is completely weather resistant. It’s fun, innovative design sets it apart and allows for customizable color choices. Inside, this dome features optional bedroom, full bathroom, and a dual kitchen/living space. Comes complete with door and two windows. Choose from the many accessories . Its laminate wood interior flooring and countertops compliment any design . These domes are an incredible way live in style in the great outdoors ! o Incredibly resilient o High efficiency o 100 year life span o Fire resistant o Storm resistant

    Choose your own colors from our many offered

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  • Dome Greenhouse

    Dome Greenhouse

    Domes to Grow Or Greenhouses are used for backyard gardening or large commercial growing operations. Domes to Grow sizes range from 10 to 164 feet in diameter and 82 feet in height. Clear PVC is not UV resistance which allows the sun's rays to enhance growing in the domes. Clear domes function in all weather conditions. The interior of the Greenhouse Domes becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature when exposed to sunlight and protecting the contents inside the dome in cold weather. Greenhouse Domes are ideal for use in growing all types of plants and vegetables. Cannabis growers are using domes for their crops. Demand for Cannabis products has dramatically increased in the last couple of years in the USA making dome growing a cost effective alternative in the growing process. Many vegetables, fruits, and herbs will thrive in a dome. Domes are fire rated to the EU standard DIN 4102B1,M2
  • Domester CSE9400

    Domester CSE9400

    Domespaces CSE9400 is engineered with state of the art architectural technology to create a sturdy design using least amount of material to offer ultimate home luxury experience. Designed to endure all climates, Domespaces CSE9400 gives you freedom to build your home in wilderness or in a community for environmentally sustainable living.
  • Domester CSD8300 and CSD9400

    Domester CSD8300 and CSD9400

    Domespaces CSD8300 and CSD9400 are designed with advanced architectural technology for a sustainable luxury living anywhere with a great view e.g. on the edge of a cliff or a mountain providing you a full view from front of the dome with extended deck for your outdoor activities. Built to endure all climates, Domespaces CSD8300 and CSD9400 provide you freedom to build your home at extraordinary places where it was never possible before.
  • Domester CDR7300

    Domester CDR7300

    Domespaces CDR7300 is engineered with unique style and state of the art technology for a glamping experience at extraordinary places with great view of the nature. Whether it’s top of a mountain or in the wild, our dome gives you freedom to build your home anywhere in the world to experience the nature from it’s heart without harming it. Design to endure all climates, Domespaces CDR7300 provides you an ideal home which blends perfectly with the nature for a sustainable living.
  • Domester CLD1040

    Domester CLD1040

    Domespaces CLD1040 is designed for exquisite look which merges perfectly with nature to provides true experience of living in the wilderness. Architecturally engineered design of the Domespaces CLD1040 is pragmatic as well as artistic which uses materials in efficient way to create perfect wide space for a luxury glamping experience wherever one can imagine.
  • Domester DD Domes

    Domester DD Domes

    Domester DD is an Eco-friendly  Geodesic dome used for camping, glamping, living or private oasis. The DD series Domester is constructed from galvanized steel on the inside and the extra strong PVDH on the outside. Enjoy the sleek look, strength and durability. Each Domester is fully equipped ready for assembly. Included with each unit: • Choice of exterior color constructed in PVDH • Glass front with double door and screened windows • One screen vent • Interior supports are galvanized steel structure in white Optional equipment • Solar fan • Skylight constructed using PVC The outside is calling you, now go answer
  • Domester Domes

    Domester Domes

    Domester is an Eco-friendly  Geodesic Dome used for camping, living or private oasis. The Domester is constructed from galvanized steel on the inside and the extra strong PVDH on the outside. Enjoy the sleek look, strength and durability. Each Domester is fully equipped ready for assembly. Included with each unit • Choice of exterior color constructed in PVDF • Glass front with double door and screened windows • One screen vent • Interior supports are galvanized steel structure in white Optional equipment • Solar fan • Skylight constructed using PVC

    Domester SDS, something for everyone

    Domester SDS is a modern steel structure S shape dome with an exterior shell constructed from PVDF with a large glass front that includes a door and working windows. Bring all the comforts of home to the great outdoors with a Domester SDS. From its spacious interior and premium appointments that are included you will be surrounded by signature Domespaces futuristic style and luxury. Domester SDS is exceptional at holding up against snow, wind, and rain. Domester SDS units are great on and off grid.

    The outside is calling you, now go answer

    Domester exterior PVDF colors *Optional Interior thermal and cotton liner available for SDS
  • Domester DRD Domes

    Domester DRD Domes

    Be great in your Domester DRD2100. designed for luxury living in the great outdoors. The Domester DRD2100 features double layered tempered glass roof, glass entrance, glass door and a really cool shape.
  • Domester Oval Domes

    Domester Oval Domes

    DSO oval domes are a great alternative to the traditional round geodesic domes. The dome shape is warm and inviting . DSO series are built to withstand all types of extreme weather conditions . Available in several colors and limited sizes
  • DSDP Domes

    DSDP Domes

    Dome living at its best in Domespaces DSDP domes . The dome comes complete with everything needed to live in the great outdoors. The Dome features

    First Floor

    • laminated tempered panoramic glass windows, glass entrance door • laminate flooring • Ceiling liner • Galvanized steel frame • PVC exterior cover • Cotton insulation • Stair case

    Second Floor 20 FT Dome

    • Laminate flooring • Bay window • Interior insulation • Curtain set • Glass windows (2)


    First Floor

    14 feet diameter , Ceiling Height is 9 feet First level floor area is 140 feet

    Second Floor

    20 ft diameter , 13 feet high, floor area is 305 sq ft

    Glamping at its best

  • Event Domes

    Event Domes

    Looking for a way to transform your venue for an event? Make your event unique with a dome tent! Large geodesic dome tents are ideal for hosting weddings, holiday events, formals, proms, and any other large scale parties and events.Either you are a particular or an event management company, our event domes (tents) are a pefect fit for your organisation. Geodesic domes for events create a unique atmosphere that can be tailored to your specific needs. Dome tents are available in a variety of sizes that can be scaled to the number of people attending your special event. With a variety of sizes available, our dome tents are ideal for any size gathering. By customizing the exterior of the geodesic dome tent, unique features such as printed logos and text on the tent cover will leave a lasting impression on the attendees of your event. Our staff can help determine your needs and make your vision a reality with a customizable geodesic dome for your event. In utilizing one of our geodesic dome tents for your special event, your guests will be protected from the elements in style. Our range of party domes are waterproof, wind resistant, and snow resistant. The unique design of your geodesic dome tent will both serve a functional and aesthetic purpose for your special event. The durability of the tents will help to ensure that your special day goes smoothly. When you make your event unique with a dome tent, you will leave a lasting impression your guests will not be soon to forget. Our staff is here to help you design geodesic domes both inside and out for any event.
  • Corporate Domes

    Corporate Domes

    We are offering a large selection of Event domes for sale in USA and Canada.Our Event Domes/igloo Geodesic Domes, go up to 164 feet in diameter and are clear-span, geodesic marvels. Large scale  Event Domes come in many sizes. Large Event Domes can be designed inside have multi levels and can accommodate up to 1300 people. Corporations host trade shows, product launches and all types of large scale corporate events. Event Domes can be printed with corporate name and logo and can be personnalised at will. There are a variety of colors available of the powder coated steel and the PVC outside shell. The structure of Event Domes can be configured to clients needs.Event Domes are the perfect option to choose when making corporate Events,graduation Events... Event Domes for sale in USA and Canada.Have a look at our online showroom.We have a large selection of Event Domes for sale that can be configured at you will.
  • Geodesic Printed Domes

    Geodesic Printed Domes

    Geodesic domes are a classic shape in architecture and engineering. Printed domes can be used for a number of purposes, including as an observatory, a greenhouse, or a playhouse. Geodesic domes are structurally sound and affordably priced. Not only do they look good, but they're also strong and durable in the long run.

    With our Geodesic domes, we're one step closer to the moon. We offer an eco-friendly & sustainable alternative to the building by delivering our geodesic printed domes They can be shipped anywhere in the world, and though they may not have the same longevity as a normal dome, they are a great way to get some extra headspace today.

    Geodesic dome homes are the wave of the future. The printing process is eco-friendly, and the design is so unique! You'll love how much light it brings into your space, and how easy they are to clean. Our printed fabric canopy is engineered to withstand all weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow load.

    Geodesic domes are a type of framework that have curved surfaces and the triangular elements meet in a triangulated pattern. We print these domes in 3-4 parts and then assemble them for you so that you can quickly get up and running with a geodesic dome! Geodesic domes can be used for just about anything from residential living spaces, agricultural greenhouses, shops, workshops, offices, retail stores.

    From the desert to your doorstep. Geodesic domes are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of creating shelter from the elements. Made from steel, aluminum wire, and styrofoam, our geodesic printed domes are an affordable and flat-pack solution for temporary or permanent living spaces. With a maximum capacity of 100 people, our geo domes are perfect for schools, refugee camps, festivals, poolside parties, a backyard movie screening party, or simply be outside and enjoy the sun and many more.

    Geodesic domes are beautiful structures that are a perfect addition to any home or office. Our geodesic dome printing service will allow you to turn your 3D model into a physical, 3D-printed structure. You'll be able to pick from any of our 6 colors and have the option of including text on the dome.

    • Printed PVC dome that is durable and waterproof.
    • The print is an original design that will be a stylish addition to your outdoor living experience.
    • Available in several sizes, from small to large, for your convenience.
    • Adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor living space.
    • Custom designed and printed with UV inks for durability.
    • Available in several sizes to fit any need.
    • The dome is custom designed for each customer and printed with a unique design.
    • It's a durable and well-designed product that will last for years to come.
    • The print is the original artwork that will be a stylish addition to your outdoor living space.
    • DSP- XP1 is a custom-designed printed PVC dome that will make your outdoor living experience stylish.
    • The print is an original design that will be a perfect addition to your outdoor living experience.
    • DSP- XP1 is available in several sizes and can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.
  • Glamping


    Glamping Homes can be categorized as an Eco-living Home or Camping domes with windows, skylights, and doors strategically positioned will connect with the environment and scenery. Covers come in many colors. They are mold and mildew resistant, UV protected, and fire retardant. Have a  sustainable home or personal studio, for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional construction.  Glamping homes are easily assembled and reduce construction costs by being built much faster. They are uniquely affordable—allowing you to live mortgage-free. Install a heating and cooling system, a solar exhaust fan for added comfort as domes have optimal air circulation patterns. Choose your colors ,choose your options, design your  Ecological dome house like any other home.  Glamping Dome living is fast becoming a cutting-edge way of life. Domespaces is  the first glamping domes supplier to offer their products across the globe.Eco-living Dome homes and camping domes are easily assembled, feature minimal construction, and offer quality living that will enhance your life. More people who had been using their glamping houses for weekend retreats are now finding that they can upgrade the structures to dome houses and reside  full time in these eco-living homes. Ecological Dome houses are featured in every country on the planet . Domespaces is a leader in sustainable housing.
  • Home in a Dome

    Home in a Dome

  • Natural Domes

    Natural Domes

    Natural  Domes are made of UV HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which is a semi-permanent material. The hard polyethylene shell creates a comfortable environment year-round. It is non toxic environmentally friendly material. Natural domes are resistant to heat and cold and completely waterproof. The dome comes complete with floor, skylight, hydraulic entrance door with internal lock, window, outdoor carpet. Additional windows can be added. The dome is easy to assemble which makes it easy to setup place to place.
  • Polycarbonate Domes

    Polycarbonate Domes

    Polycarbonate domes are simple to assemble and help you enjoy the outdoors in comfort! These domes absorb sun for temperature regulation and UV protection. Their stability in extreme temperatures make them perfect for year-round use. While some plastics yellow over time these polycarbonate domes are 100% clear and remain that way over time -- making sure you will always have the best view!

    What to know:

    · The PCD series ranges in sizes from 8 feet to 30 feet in diameter · PCD dome units are connectable, making them perfect for groups and families that need more space

    Polycarbonate is:

    · Durable · Flame retardant · Weather resistant The Domester PCD Series Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics known to man. Polycarbonate is an extremely strong plastic that is used in planes, automobiles, and large buildings. Its durability under diverse conditions makes it ideal for outdoor use. Surround yourself in this beautiful dome and enjoy the outdoors at its best! Easy to assemble. Lasts a lifetime.
  • Projection Domes

    Projection Domes

    WE create multi-sensory, interactive entertainment experiences for any size project. Projection domes are available in sizes up to 164 feet in diameter. Customized entrances. Stage for performances. We offer customized cover production. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Easily assembled. Lighting can be suspended from the frame for concerts, theater and other live performances. Fire retardant, water/mildew resistant. The fabric is lightweight, easy to install.
  • Swimming pool domes and hot tub

    Swimming pool domes and hot tub

    Hot tub:

    The round polycarbonate hot tub domes are super strong, contain glass like transparency fortified by a decorative aluminum frame with sliding door. Domespaces Polycarbonate domes made to endure extreme temperatures with no visible change to the structure.

    Swimming Pool Domes:

    The round PVC pool domes are available for most size pools. Domespaces swimming pool domes are a great way to enjoy your pool 365 days a year. Covers come in a variety of colors including clear. The pool cover can be custom made in other shapes than round. swimming pool domes ensure all year-round swimming regardless of weather conditions (rain, cold, snow) for schools and colleges through to health clubs, residential and leisure centres. Our swimming pool domes are a spacious, light enclosures that provide excellent value for money, allowing pool use all year round.
  • Treehouse Domes

    Treehouse Domes

    Treehouses And Dome Treehouses

    Glamping reached new heights! Our treehouse dome technology offers a new way to live outdoors. Enjoy a serene sunset or an afternoon nap in your tree house dome. Outdoor life has never been more fun. Grownups and kids love our treehouse domes. Our tree houses come with all you need to get started. Then add all the things that will make your life more comfortable. The treehouse dome comes with all you need to enjoy quiet time in nature. Tree House Dome Prices

    THD 2333 10 ft in diameter $5900

    THD 2444 13 ft in diameter $7950

    Domester Treehouse Product Features Our THD series are constructed from galvanized steel dipped in a white plastic coating. The exterior standard white transparent PVC top with a clear PVC door that includes a zipper. Bottom part is PVC. The tree house dome unit comes complete with a middle floor and mattress. Optional Accessories • Solar fan $495 • Skylight $100 • Crating $95 • Several Colors are available Treehouse domes, also known as tree tents, are usually installed about 10 feet off the ground by local contractors. Self-installation is great for clients who are handy. These domes are best accessed by a fixed step ladder. Use your treehouse dome all year. We ship our treehouse domes anywhere in the world.  Contact us at
    or call +15618071969
  • Covered Wagon

    Covered Wagon

  • Instock Quick Ship Geodesic Dome Program

    Select dome sizes and accessories in-stock and shipped from our local warehouse


    Domes can vary in size by diameter between 10 ft to 164 ft. Explore are different Dome types to get more information on sizes.

    Assembly & Maintenance

    Domes are designed for easy assembly, no technical skills required and need very little maintenance. The PVC dome covering is UV resistant and can be cleaned with minimal effort.

    Worldwide Shipping

    Domes are shipped to locations throughout the world. We ship both domestically and internationally. Our logistics department will arrange shipping to your designated location.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    General Information

    The high quality steel structure, combined with high quality PVC membrane ensures that camping domes can be used year round. The structure is waterproof, wind and snow resistant. Add a portable stove which will keep you warm. Domes can be connected to existing electrical and water supply, eco digester system or a septic tank. Installation of camping domes are easily assembled at site. We provide you with manual instruction and support. Pods can be expanded to clients desired size. In most cases there is no need for building permits. It can be easily set up by anyone. Each camping tent is supported by support steel “feet” which can be anchored to wooden,concrete or hardground. Decking is available for the structure along with a variety of interior floors.

    History of Geodesic Domes

    Buckminster Fuller: The father of the Geodesic Dome R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary who did not limit himself to one field but worked as a 'comprehensive anticipatory design scientist' to solve global problems. Fuller's ideas and work continues to influence new generations of designers, architects, scientists and artists working to create a sustainable planet. 1964 Time Magazine: Expose on Buckminster Fuller He has been called “the first poet of technology”, “the greatest living genius of industrial-technical realization in building“, “an anticipator of the world to come - which is different from being a prophet”, “a seminal thinker”, and “an inspired child”. But all these encomiums are fairly recent. For most of his life, R. Buckminster Fuller was known simply as a crackpot. He is also something more than the mere sum of his praise and criticism. He is a throwback to the classic American individualist, a mold which produced Thomas Edison and Thoreau - men with the fresh eye that sees and questions everything anew, and the crotchety mind that refuses to believe there is anything that cannot be done. What Fuller sees excites him with the vision of man's potentialities, and he has made it his mission to help man realize them. Says he: “Man knows so much and does so little.” Last week this crackpot stepped off a plane in London, spouting words the minute his feet touched ground, and headed for a dinner in his honor at the Royal Institute of British Architects. On Sunday he went to Bristol for two days of touring and talking, His next stop: Ghana's University of Science and Technology, which has been waiting a year for his arrival this week to conduct a four-week research and development project. Today Richard Buckminster Fuller, 68, of Carbondale, Ill. - whose college career never got past his freshman midyears - is famous for houses that fly and bathrooms without water, for cars and maps and ways of living bearing the mysterious word “Dymaxion,” for things called “octet trusses,” “synergetics” and “tensegrity.” But he is best known of all for his massive mid-century breakthrough known as the “geodesic dome.”

    Maintenance Requirements

    Requirements for maintenance will depend on your usage, location, and climate. The Dome frame structure should be occasionally checked at the frame intersection for bolt tightness. The cover should be cleaned occasionally. In addition, the cover should be checked around openings such as doors,windows, and openings where ventilation systems may be attached

    Shipping of Domes

    If domes are not in stock generally it takes about 8 weeks to ship to a client. We use several shippers and shipping services. Depending on the size and the final destination will determine which method of shipping will be used. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiver.

    What is dome frequency or V number?

    Geodesic domes are comprised of a network of triangles that form a somewhat spherical surface. The higher the V or frequency the more triangles there are on the geodesic dome. Higher frequency domes with more triangles will be stronger and more spherical than a dome with a lower frequency.