About Us

Dome Spaces is America's leading supplier Geodisic Domes. We carry one the largest selections of Geodesic Domes. Our clients range from individual consumers to large multinational corporations and government agencies. Low prices and high quality are the basis of our business. Our purpose is to create living and playing spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities a clean way of life. Our products respect the environment.

Powered by our clients who are corporations of all sizes and people who just love the outdoors. We provide Dome products that improve our clients business and make life outdoors better.We drive the market for Domes. We guide innovations in this space to the market.



Domes can vary in size by diameter between 3m to 50m. Explore are different Dome types to get more information on sizes.

Assembly & Maintenance

Domes are designed for easy assembly. No technical skills are required. Domes require very little maintenance. The PVC dome covering is UV resistant it can be cleaned with a hose and light soap solution or power wash. Clear PVC domes are not UV resistant.

Worldwide Shipping

Domes are shipped to locations throughout the world. We ship both domestically and internationally. Our logistics department will arrange shipping to your designated location.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

The high quality steel structure, combined with high quality PVC membrane ensures that camping domes can be used year round. The structure is waterproof, wind and snow resistant. Add a portable stove which will keep you warm. Domes can be connected to existing electrical and water supply, eco digester system or a septic tank. Installation of camping domes are easily assembled at site. We provide you with manual instruction and support. Pods can be expanded to clients desired size. In most cases there is no need for building permits. It can be easily set up by anyone. Each camping tent is supported by support steel “feet” which can be anchored to wooden,concrete or hardground. Decking is available for the structure along with a variety of interior floors.

History of Geodesic Domes

Buckminster Fuller: The father of the Geodesic Dome
R. Buckminster Fuller was a 20th century inventor and visionary who did not limit himself to one field but worked as a 'comprehensive anticipatory design scientist' to solve global problems. Fuller's ideas and work continues to influence new generations of designers, architects, scientists and artists working to create a sustainable planet.
1964 Time Magazine: Expose on Buckminster Fuller
He has been called “the first poet of technology”, “the greatest living genius of industrial-technical realization in building“, “an anticipator of the world to come - which is different from being a prophet”, “a seminal thinker”, and “an inspired child”. But all these encomiums are fairly recent. For most of his life, R. Buckminster Fuller was known simply as a crackpot.
He is also something more than the mere sum of his praise and criticism. He is a throwback to the classic American individualist, a mold which produced Thomas Edison and Thoreau - men with the fresh eye that sees and questions everything anew, and the crotchety mind that refuses to believe there is anything that cannot be done. What Fuller sees excites him with the vision of man's potentialities, and he has made it his mission to help man realize them. Says he: “Man knows so much and does so little.”
Last week this crackpot stepped off a plane in London, spouting words the minute his feet touched ground, and headed for a dinner in his honor at the Royal Institute of British Architects. On Sunday he went to Bristol for two days of touring and talking, His next stop: Ghana's University of Science and Technology, which has been waiting a year for his arrival this week to conduct a four-week research and development project.
Today Richard Buckminster Fuller, 68, of Carbondale, Ill. - whose college career never got past his freshman midyears - is famous for houses that fly and bathrooms without water, for cars and maps and ways of living bearing the mysterious word “Dymaxion,” for things called “octet trusses,” “synergetics” and “tensegrity.” But he is best known of all for his massive mid-century breakthrough known as the “geodesic dome.”

Maintenance Requirements

Requirements for maintenance will depend on your usage, location, and climate. The Dome frame structure should be occasionally checked at the frame intersection for bolt tightness. The cover should be cleaned occasionally. In addition, the cover should be checked around openings such as doors,windows, and openings where ventilation systems may be attached

Shipping of Domes

If domes are not in stock generally it takes about 8 weeks to ship to a client. We use several shippers and shipping services. Depending on the size and the final destination will determine which method of shipping will be used. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiver.

What is dome frequency or V number?

Geodesic domes are comprised of a network of triangles that form a somewhat spherical surface. The higher the V or frequency the more triangles there are on the geodesic dome. Higher frequency domes with more triangles will be stronger and more spherical than a dome with a lower frequency.

Purchasing A Dome - Shipping and Return Policy

Generally delivery is between 6-10 weeks from the time the order is accepted. A deposit of 50% is required with all orders. Units that are in stock will be shipped upon receipt of full payment. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.


Domespaces ships units inside USA and outside USA. Clients are responsible for all shipping costs. Units shipped outside USA may be subject to additional local government fees.


Products that are built to order may not be canceled. If for any reason a built to order is canceled it will be subject to a 25% cancelation fee.

Inspections and Returns

It is up to you the client to inspect your product upon receipt. If the product has been damaged in shipping or does not conform to what was ordered notify the Domespaces in writing within 10 days of delivery. You will be advised what action will be taken. This means an assessment by our management will be made. Damaged parts may be replaced or unit the accepted for return. Client will have the choice of replacement or refund.

Payment terms

A 50% of total purchase price deposit is required with order acceptance. Total purchase price is defined as any customization that carries extra cost to standard units. The remaining balance of the purchase price which may include, sales tax, shipping charges, must be paid prior to shipment release. If a client does not pay the balance within 30 days after request for balance your order may be canceled and a 25% of total price restocking fee will be assessed. There are no refunds on custom orders. If a credit card is used to pay it may be subject to a 3% fee surcharge.