Swimming pool domes and hot tub

Enjoy your pool and  hot tub all year round with Domespaces pool enclosures.

Hot tub:

The round polycarbonate hot tub domes are super strong, contain glass like transparency fortified by a decorative aluminum frame with sliding door. Domespaces Polycarbonate domes made to endure extreme temperatures with no visible change to the structure.

Swimming Pool Domes:

The round PVC pool domes are available for most size pools. Domespaces swimming pool domes are a great way to enjoy your pool 365 days a year. Covers come in a variety of colors including clear. The pool cover can be custom made in other shapes than round.

swimming pool domes ensure all year-round swimming regardless of weather conditions (rain, cold, snow) for schools and colleges through to health clubs, residential and leisure centres.

Our swimming pool domes are a spacious, light enclosures that provide excellent value for money, allowing pool use all year round.