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USA's Leading Geodesic Domes Manufacturer

Guiding innovations

From the Rocky Mountains to our first steps on Mars

Domespaces® is America’s leading competitive Geodesic Dome supplier. High quality engineering and components in perfect balance with low cost solutions.

Domes provide a reliable safe weatherproof environment in any climate. Domes are used year round. They are made from the highest quality materials. Domes are resistant to high winds, rain, and snow. Outfit your dome for year round living A dome encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of surface area, thus saving on materials and cost. Since a dome is free-standing, air and energy circulate without obstruction, enabling natural heating and cooling. If you desire a color that you don’t see on our color chart contact us and we will see if we can accommodate your needs with special colors

New Technology

Knowledge and Reach

Powered by our clients who are corporations of all sizes and people who just love the outdoors. We provide Dome products that improve our clients business and make life outdoors better. We drive the market for Domes. We guide innovations in this space to the market.


Domes can vary in size by diameter between 10 ft to 164 ft. Explore are different Dome types to get more information on sizes.

Assembly & Maintenance

Domes are designed for easy assembly, no technical skills required and need very little maintenance. The PVC dome covering is UV resistant and can be cleaned with minimal effort.

Worldwide Shipping

Domes are shipped to locations throughout the world. We ship both domestically and internationally. Our logistics department will arrange shipping to your designated location.
Geodesic Domes leading Manufacturer

Our Mission

As America’s leading supplier of Geodesic Domes, Domespaces® carries one of the largest selections of Geodesic Dome options available. Except we don’t stop there. At Domespaces® we believe in making our customers’ visions a reality. Low prices and high quality are the basis of our business.

We offer fully customizable dome options to fit our customers’ every need. From your Camping Tent or Greenhouse to stunning corporate venues, we can do it all. Our clients range from individual buyers looking for a taste of the dome life to multinational corporations and government agencies. If you’re a corporation of any size or maybe you just love being immersed in the outdoors, we can take your dreams and build a dome around it.

Our purpose is to create living spaces and amazing venues that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life using Geodesic domes. We are constantly thinking of new ways to reduce our footprint through new and creative production methods.

We take our impact on the environment seriously to ensure that your dome is the most eco-friendly possible. From the Rocky Mountains to our first steps on Mars, domes are the structures of the future. Guiding innovations for a healthier, cleaner, and dome filled future.

We are Domespaces®.

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