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Corporate Domes DS series

Event Domes

Corporate event Domes

We are offering a large selection of Event domes for sale in USA and Canada.Our Event Domes/igloo Geodesic Domes, go up to 164 feet in diameter and are clear-span, geodesic marvels.

Large scale  Event Domes come in many sizes. Large Event Domes can be designed inside have multi levels and can accommodate up to 1300 people. Corporations host trade shows, product launches and all types of large scale corporate events. Event Domes can be printed with corporate name and logo and can be personnalised at will. There are a variety of colors available of the powder coated steel and the PVC outside shell. The structure of Event Domes can be configured to clients needs.Event Domes are the perfect option to choose when making corporate Events,graduation Events…

Event Domes for sale in USA and Canada.Have a look at our online showroom.We have a large selection of Event Domes for sale that can be configured at you will.

10ft to 164ft

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