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Hardshell Domes HSD

Hardshell Domes HSD

Domespaces’s Hard Shell Dome is one of the strongest geodesic domes available on the planet

The fiberglass frame offers superior strength with a futuristic design and customizable color choices. Wind and snow are not a problem for these domes! They can withstand winds in excess of 100mph and heavy weight loads. Hard-shell domes are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort! Sizes range from 16 feet to 66 feet in diameter.

o Incredibly resilient
o Super high efficiency
o 100 plus year life span
o Fire resistant
o Storm resistant

Dome panel materials are customizable. Choose from:
o Fiberglass panels in standard white or a selection of alternative colors
o Rockwool insulation between fiberglass panels for additional insulation
o Aluminum panels for a modern appearance
o Polycarbonate panels for natural UV protection and durability

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