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Glass Domes GD series

Glass Domes

USA's  premier Dome Supplier (Glass Domes, Geodesic Domes ...). Install Your Dome anywhere . Scenic locations are best for enjoying nature.

Geodesic Glass domes are used in camping, residential, commercial, Education, scientific, hospitality, corporate, and military applications.

We set out to raise the bar. We are here to deliver an experience beyond compare and to exceed your expectations. Domespaces® is the nations leading Geodesic Glass Domes supplier.Geodesic  Glass domes come in a variety of sizes.

The combination of the geodesic form and variety of Aluminum alloy frame colors make the glass dome super strong against the elements.

Dome glass options include customized glass colors. The tempered glass is available in transparent, tinted, laminated, insulated and low – e -insulated. Glass comes in single pane tempered glass, laminated safety glass double pane insulated glass and low e insulated. Customize your dome with our large selection of glass colors. The dome can be built fully transparent, 1/3 transparent and 2/3 color ,1/2 transparent ½ color, or entire dome one color

Domes are available with optional accessories to enhance the experience. Design your domes interior to suit your tastes. Dome life is fast becoming the new way of life. On grid or off. Glass domes are just like traditional homes. Make your dome a home install a kitchen, bathroom & furniture.

For privacy decorative privacy panels are offered. They are available in many colors and textures.

The frames for the glass domes are aluminum alloy, which is strong load bearing metal, it is light weight, durable and stable. The glass panels have a very high wind and insulation rating.

The dome frames are offered in standard original aluminum grey color as well as white, black, gold, stoving varnish, cream, brown and reddish brown.

Our staff of engineers and designers will help you design the glass dome of your dreams.

13-40 ft

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