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Polycarbonate Domes PCD Series

PCD Series

PCD are beautifully designed domes which are elegant and integrate perfectly into the nature. These domes are offered in many designs and sizes which can be used for various purposes such as separate dining area, spacious bedroom or a full home integrated into one dome for a perfect glamping experience. With PCD series, possibilities are endless.

Durable long lasting polycarbonate shell of the dome is robust and possesses endurance for all climates which offers a perfect living space with a long service life.

We have a PCD dome for your every need. If you dream of lying under a starry sky or in the beautiful nature, all from the comfort of your bed, PCD dome gives you chance to realize your dreams.


PCD9100A is offered with two floors which are connected together via a staircase. The additional floor gives you freedom to integrate your all home and living amenities into one dome. Spacious bedroom along with full kitchen, bathroom with shower and vast living area, all in one dome.

The extra floor can be customized according to your needs to accommodate more family members or turn into a large living area or can be used for your leisure activities. The possibilities are endless.

*Furniture is not included in the dome price

Model Number Diameter Height Floor area Price Notes
PCD0700 7ft 5.5ft 38 sq ft $5,400
PCD2500 8ft 8ft 52 sq ft $5,600
PCD3000 10ft 7ft 76 sq ft $6,400
PCD3200 11ft 9ft 90 sq ft $7,100
PCD4000 13ft 9ft 115 sq ft $10,900
PCD4500 15ft 10ft 165 sq ft $13,600
PCD5000 17ft 11ft 225 sq ft $16,000
PCD6000 20ft 12ft 314 sq ft $17,950
PCD7200 23ft 15ft 403 sq ft $28,950
PCD9000 30ft 18ft 685 sq ft $54,950
PCD9100A 30ft 20ft 978 sq ft $73,950 2 floors
PCDTrio432 7,11,13ft 243 sq ft $29,750
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Frame: Polycarbonate with Aluminium supports
Cover: Polycarbonate material, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+)
Base: Strong base foundation with reinforcements
Windows: Polycarbonate
Doors: Polycarbonate+Aluminium alloy frame
Other: Skylight: Polycarbonate material
Ventilation: Windows and skylight
Heating: Optional: Mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated or separate modular toilet with shower according to user choice / *Toilet not included in the dome price
Other: Add-ons: Optional: Curtain and rod set / Power & Water supply: Solar or Generator. Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply
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