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Domester Oval Domes DSO series

Domester Oval Domes

The Domester Oval dome is designed with unique oval shape which provides alternative option to the traditional round geodesic dome.

The oval shape of the dome is an architectural marvel since it is designed with steel tubes joining together in a truss structure to make the oval shape of the dome. The truss design of frame of the dome creates a strong and robust structure which can withstand very high wind and snow loads. The PVD material of the cover makes the dome waterproof making the dome ready for extreme weather conditions.

The oval dome is perfect for residential home, vacation home or a hotel room at any extraordinary location in the world as it is easy to build and maintain which offers maximum luxury camping experience at an affordable price

Model Number Size feet Interior Price
DSO7300 23 ft long 11 ft high 16 ft wide 232 sq ft $10,500
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Frame: Galvanized steel pipe with Anti-rust treatment
Cover: PVD material, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+)
Base: Strong base foundation with reinforcements
Windows: Glass windows with fiberglass screens
Doors: Tempered glass+Aluminium alloy frame
Ventilation: Screen vent and windows
Insulation: Optional: Thermo insulated liner // Optional: Curtain and rod set
Heating: Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated modular toilet with partition from bedroom area according to user choice // *Toilet not included in the dome price
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