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Dome accessories
Design and Build

Dome accessories are available to enhance your dome experience

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Dome Accessories

Interior Dome Colors
Interior Dome Colors
Exterior Dome Colors
Exterior Dome Colors
Glass Windows

Glass Windows

Glass windows are tempered safety glass in a aluminum frame. The window is available in triangle or round versions. Comes complete with a hydraulic for easy opening and closing $595.00 per window

Round PVC Windows

Round PVC Windows

Round Clear PVC porthole non operable windows $65.00 per window

Round PVC Windows

Screen vents

Fiberglass screen vents offer cross-ventilation. Screen vents are offered in both triangle and circle versions. $95.00 each


Domes come standard with PVC entry doors. Choose between, round, triangle, rectangle rollup. Optional screens are available.


Options for entry doors

A. Single hung steel frame with aluminum and glass door 39 inches wide by 79 inches high $850.00 Door frame only :


Double Doors

Double Doors are galvanized steel and glass from $1295.00


Solar Fan




Electric remote controlled Skylight window panel

Electric remote controlled Skylight window panel

98 inches $995.00

choice of colors

Metal $95.00

Stove pipe exterior mount

Curtain sets

Curtain set come with curved rod to capture the dome shape. Several colors are available

Curtains are priced per dome size

Different types of

Dome Linings

Interior dome liners are both decorative and serve as insulation. Liners are priced according to the size of dome. Different types of liners are offered.

A: Oxford Pattern. Double sided quilted cotton insulated lining. It is moisture resistant and available in choice of colors. Thermal Under Liner. Available for extreme climates. Liner is composed of aluminum foil type fabric on both sides.

B. Smooth liner. Available in white. Fabric is stretch type and gives a smooth appearance.

C. RLine. Smooth white liner with look of leather. Thermal foil underliner is included

Wood Burning Stove

Wood Burning Stove (with stove pipe and cap)

Wood stoves are sold and priced from $1,100.00 according to the size of the dome. Larger domes require larger stoves.

Moduspaces MBR100

Modular Bathrooms


Modular bathroom professionally designed and engineered

Luxury modular bathroom unit with shower, sink and toilet.
Connects to electric, waste line and water.

Bring all the comforts of home to your glamping dome. Life’s comforts come with the MBR100 glamping dome bathroom.
Specifications: 62 inches long 48 inches wide and 94 inches high. Professionally designed modular bathroom unit.

The MBR100 features designer wall and floor tiles. Wall tile is 12x24inches and floor tile is 12 x12 inches. Fixtures include Kohler toilet,Kohler sink faucet, Kohler Kumin shower faucet with removeable head. MBR100 comes with GFI safety socket, Exhaust fan, shower curtain and rod. Outside finished in option black bamboo cladding. Entrance door black metal framed door panel with glass insert.
Floor tile is dark marble gray with light gray and white wall tile.
Price $11,950.00

Modular Bathrooms


Introducing the Moduspaces MBR200, a revolutionary addition to the glamping industry designed to elevate outdoor living experiences in domes, tents, yurts, and beyond. This innovative modular unit sets a new standard for luxury and convenience, transforming the way adventurers enjoy their outdoor retreats.

Product Details
  • Modular bathroom designed for installation in various outdoor structures such as domes, tents, and yurts
  • Includes high-quality toilet, shower, sink, cabinet, faucet, and metallic holders for soap, towels, and toilet paper
  • Electric water heater for hot showers and LED lighting for comfortable ambiance in the bathroom area
  • Integrated electrical and sanitary fittings
  • Frosted glass door for entrance and sliding glass door for shower area
  • Available with high-quality accessories such as loft with stairs, kitchen module, wardrobe, ceiling and bar
Versatile Applications
  • Suitable for installation in domes, tents, yurts, and other outdoor accommodations
  • Adaptable for installation in straight, round or any other type of structure
Key Features
  • Construction: Modern and practical design made from durable materials
  • Installation: Quick and effortless setup compared to traditional construction methods
  • Durability: Crafted from long-lasting materials to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Modularity: Highly customizable design allows for adaptation to any glamping structure
  • Customization Options: Available in various designs, styles, colors, and materials to meet specific branding and aesthetics requirements

Experience the future of outdoor luxury with the Moduspaces MBR200 with range of exciting accessories. Redefine your glamping adventures with unparalleled comfort, convenience, and style.

Product specifications and description

Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, the MBR200 Modular Bathroom includes all the essential amenities for a comfortable and indulgent glamping experience. Featuring a high-quality toilet, shower, sink, cabinet, faucet, electric water heater, metallic holders for soap, towels, and toilet paper. Every detail is meticulously curated to enhance your outdoor living experience


Vinyl floor creates a cosy interior of the bathroom which is waterproof

Properties: Waterproof, Anti-slip, Silent


The Modular bathroom is installed with all necessary partitions and walls including partition between toilet and shower area. The partitions are made from long lasting and durable materials

Properties: Waterproof, Flame retardant


There is glass sliding door for shower area installed. Frosted glass door is installed at the entrance to the bathroom

Properties: Durable, Easy to clean


Moduspaces MBR100Our innovative loft with a stair is designed to maximize space efficiency by providing a cozy sleeping area atop the unit, ideal for those seeking functionality and style in compact living spaces

Kitchen module

Moduspaces MBR100Modular Kitchen features a sleek wood grain frame, sophisticated black quartz stone countertop, and a hard-wearing stainless steel basin paired with a convenient hot and cold water faucet

Lights for Kitchen

Illuminate your kitchen space with our innovative kitchen light, boasting a creative appearance, versatile free adjustment, and a strong sense of design to enhance your culinary ambiance.


Moduspaces MBR100Enhance your bar experience with our Bar set featuring a stylish steel and wood table paired with two matching chairs, perfect for enjoying drinks and conversations in contemporary comfort


Transform your kitchen with our wood grain ceiling panels, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication to your kitchen space with a stylish and natural aesthetic


High-quality wardrobe is offered with our wood grain design, constructed from E1 grade board for excellent moisture resistance, ensuring durability and style for your storage needs.

MBS600KB without kitchen

1 Bedroom

1*bedroom + 1*washroom + 1*kitchen + 30sqm (323 sq. ft.) vinyl floor

Partition for kitchen and wall is made from PVC wall panel, Glass door for bathroom & shower area, Integral wash cabinet, Panel light, shower, flush toilet. Toilet floor tile and lights. Vinyl floor. Kitchen not included.


Bathroom floor & wall and the wall behind sink made by stone crystal vinyl wall panel from Lamett. Sliding glass door for shower area.


Brand: Kohler


Brand: Kohler

Sink & Cabinet

Brand: Kohler


Brand: Kohler

Outside Wall Panels for Bathroom

Material: PVC

Partition for Wall

Material: PVC wall panel


Material: vinyl, Waterproof, anti-slip, silent floor

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Dome kitchens

Kitchen island units are constructed for Domespaces® using the finest materials . The islands are designed for optimal use of space in 10 and 12 foot lengths by 34 inches (counter height) .Install a wide counter top and eliminate the need for a table .


Kitchen E1 10 feet


Kitchen 10.2 SCO 10 feet


Kitchen E2 12 feet


Kitchen 12.1 12 feet

please enlarge photos

Full kitchen for color only

Kitchen units do not include countertop ,handles appliances or sink .

Cabinet units come assembled but not connected. Units are shipped from warehouse in Florida. Clients are responsible for freight charges. European high gloss finish available for additional cost.


Dome Tunnel

Dome Tunnel is 6.5 feet in height and 6.5 feet wide. Dome tunnels are made custom to clients requirements. Tunnels can be attached dome to dome or open on one side.

Tunnel Geodesic

39″ by 63″ dia exterior decking by size.
Price depending on size

Dome Flooring

Many types of flooring are suitable for the domes. Several flooring options are offered

Polywood floor with aluminum frame

Polywood floor without aluminum frame

Other flooring systems are available from us or you can install your own.

Flooring prices vary with dome size

Dome Accessories Package B

Domespaces® this example 8 meter

Accessories group B features the luxurious look of leather lining


White leather look with smooth finish for luxury feel

Thermal insulation

Optional thermal insulation

Enhance your dome experience