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Payment Options

purchase your dream dome

What payment options can I use

Different Payment options are available to purchase your dream dome

We want to make buying your Domes and gear online fast and easy. So when it comes time to make your Domespaces® purchase you can use any of these payment options.

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express,  Discover
  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash
  • Crypto
  • Check Limits and restrictions may apply

Products & Orders


If you are a corporation looking to finance a dome project with a line of credit


If you are an individual looking to finance a dome purchase

Quick decisions and prompt funding

Collateral free personal loans provided by third party lenders. Up to $100,000.00 for any products we offer. Terms up to 12 years.

U.S. residents only

Loans provided by third party lenders

View our terms and conditions here.

What you should know


Yes, credit cards issued by banks from select countries and regions can be used on your order as long as you have I.D and items are shipped to the address on the card.

Domes are generally shipped by common carriers due to their size and weight. Domespaces® works with several well known U.S freight companies or client can choose their own freight company. Options and gear may be shipped by UPS or Fedex . International shipments of Domes are shipped by Ocean freight services.

The cost of shipping domes is the responsibility of the receiving party. Contact customer service for an estimate of freight charges.

Shipping domes outside USA may be subject to taxes and duties which are the responsibility of the receiving party.

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