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Dome Greenhouse CDS series

Dome Greenhouse

Also known as Clear PVC Domes.

Domes to Grow Or Greenhouses are used for backyard gardening or large commercial growing operations. Domes to Grow sizes range from 10 to 164 feet in diameter and 82 feet in height. Clear PVC is not UV resistance which allows the sun’s rays to enhance growing in the domes. Clear domes function in all weather conditions. The interior of the Greenhouse Domes becomes significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature when exposed to sunlight and protecting the contents inside the dome in cold weather.

Greenhouse Domes are ideal for use in growing all types of plants and vegetables. Cannabis growers are using domes for their crops. Demand for Cannabis products has dramatically increased in the last couple of years in the USA making dome growing a cost effective alternative in the growing process. Many vegetables, fruits, and herbs will thrive in a dome. Domes are fire rated to the EU standard DIN 4102B1,M2

10ft to 164ft

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