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PCDO series domes

PCDO series domes

Step into a world where nature and luxury harmoniously coexist. Our PCDO series domes are made from versatile polycarbonate material which redefine the art of glamping, offering versatile sanctuaries that adapt to your every whim. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty through the crystal-clear polycarbonate material that surrounds you.

Whether you’re dining, relaxing, or sleeping, every moment is framed by breathtaking natural vistas. Crafted with durable polycarbonate, the dome is built to withstand the elements, ensuring a comfortable and secure shelter in various weather conditions. With PCDO domes, elevate your glamping experience further with optional accessories tailored to your comfort. Choose from our range, including curtain system for privacy, LED lighting for ambiance, exhaust fan for ventilation, screens for windows and doors to keep insects out, and electronic lock for added security.

Your glamping adventure is taken to new heights with our extraordinary PCDO domes which are also available in custom sizes to meet your requirements.

They’re more than just accommodations; they’re a reflection of your outdoor dreams.

Model Number Length Width Height Floor area Price
PCDO 5300 Belair 16 ft 11 ft 9 ft 162 sq ft $11,700
PCDO 7350 Belair 21 ft 11 ft 9 ft 215 sq ft $14,300
PCDO 7975 Belair 23 ft 13 ft 10 ft 267 sq ft $18,100
PCDO 0960 Belair 9 ft 6 ft 7 ft 53 sq ft $7,550
PCDO 7999 Belair 25 ft 15 ft 10 ft 321 sq ft $20,225
PCDO 8750 Belair 28 ft 16 ft 11 ft 375 sq ft $22,280
Following items are included in above prices:

* Main PC Dome + Aluminum Alloy Base: 1 Set * Aluminum Alloy Door with Mechanical Lock: 1 Set

* Top Aluminum Alloy Connecting Ring: 1 Set * Window: 1 Set

* Aluminum Alloy Base Wire Slot Cover: 1 Set * Installation Kits: 1 Set

Following optional accessories are available with your dome:
  1. Curtain System
  2. RGB LED Lighting
  3. Base LED Lighting
  4. Exhaust Fan
  5. Window screen for the door
  6. Window screen for the window
  7. Electronic lock
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Frame: Polycarbonate with Aluminium supports
Cover: Polycarbonate material, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+)
Base: Strong base foundation with reinforcements
Windows: Polycarbonate
Doors: Polycarbonate+Aluminium alloy frame with Mechanical Lock
Other: Skylight: Polycarbonate material
Ventilation: Windows and skylight
Heating: Optional: Mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated modular bathroom with toilet and shower according to user choice // *Bathroom not included in the dome price
Other: Add-ons Optional: Curtain system / LED Lighting / Exhaust fan / Screens for window and door / Electronic Lock / Power & Water supply: Solar or Generator. Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply
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