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Glamping: A Complete Free Guide To New Campers


A  Full Guide To A Geodesic Dome….


Glamping And Geodesic Dome Camping


Staying in a Geodesic Dome is a fascinating experience that speaks for itself. The article is a guide to demystify dome camping to the people who haven’t experienced it yet.

They say that geo-dome camping is “the new black” in outdoor tourism. Which we agree, because we understand that its popularity is growing like the speed of light.

At the same time, there are still plenty of folks that don’t understand what’s really behind that growth and whether it is nothing but hype. Much of that growth is on account of classic tents.

Glamping :What is Geodesic Dome Camping

Geodesic dome camping (which can also be called – glamping) is a form of camping that involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

For families or individuals who love to go camping, and have some fun, this is your best bet. A geodesic dome camp is simply beautiful and quick to assemble.

What you need for a Geodesic Dome Camping

Are you ready to get started on planning a glamping trip? Yes, you are. Any camping trip requires a packing list to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

See below all you need before going on a glamping trip:

  1.  Flashlights

Flashlights and headlights always come in handy when hiking, walking down, etc. Never go glamping without something that can act as a source of light for emergency.

  1.  Compass

While glamping, if you plan on hiking or backpacking, its necessary to carry a compass in case of emergency.

  1.  Toiletries

Toiletries are important for any trip you plan to embark on. Take some dental hygiene products, hair products, and body washes along with you.

  1. Bug spray

If you plan glamping in a park or in the woods, bugs are unavoidable. Take a bug spray along with you to keep the bugs away.

  1. Appropriate clothing

Clothes like t-shirts, coats, hats, pants, etc., are always a must have!

Some other things you would need includes:

  1. Blankets
  2. Shoes
  3. Sneakers
  4. Hiking boots
  5. Food warmers

You might need more things than listed above. But the above listed items are enough to get you started for a fascinating glamping dome experience.

A Guide To  A Geodesic Home Camping

Not sure where to get started in planning your trip? Read more to see a useful guide to a geodesic dome camping experience

  1. Buy a shelter

There’s no glamping experience without a geodesic dome tent, right?

Whether it’s a traditional camping tent or your very own safari glamping tent, be sure to set your shelter up on flat, even ground, and out of the way of any precariously-hanging tree branches.

  1. Pick a location

There are glamping sites all over the world. You can choose any location that best suits your personality.

  1. Create a lounge space

It’s time to pack up all your softest and coziest pillows (these covers are waterproof) and blankets and arrange them in and around your shelter to create various areas to lounge.

  1. Set up your lights

Light up your tent! Your ambiance lighting should be soft, yet abundant. You can add some twinkle lights at the top of the inside of your tent, to create the feeling of a starry night.

  1. Create a dining room table

Set up a beautiful dining table, by dressing it up with some nice cloth napkins, a mason jar of flowers and a bucket for wine to tie the whole table together.

If you want some nice glassware in your new home, but you’re afraid they might break, try these: plastic cups/tumblers and plastic wine glasses (also comes in stemless) that actually look nice. Or add these fun ones for a pop of color!

  1. Bring some entertainment

Bring out your movie projector and put up a screen for an easy way to binge your favorite Netflix series while enjoying your geodesic dome camping experience.

To improvise, you can hang an old bedsheet, or better yet, an outdoor projector screen (if available) from the top of your shelter. You can even use the side of your house for your projector wall.

You can find out more about camping domes here :


Glamping is a fun experience if done the right way. Was our guide above helpful? To plan the perfect glamping trip: Buy a comfortable glamping tent, create a lounge space, set up your lights, create a dining room table and bring some entertainment.

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