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Bubble Dome: Bring the luxury in camping and dining while being under the stars.

bubble domes

Bubble Domes:The only way to go in modern day camping and dining…

Experiencing nature has never been the same since a new dome entered the scene. These bubble domes have become the hottest new way for people to have the luxury of their dream homes or dine-in experience while outside under the beautiful night skies. From Northern Ireland and the Ireland-bubble dome tent to the Finn Loughs bubble dome experience and bubble dome UK, being under the stars has a whole new meaning to bring to the world. Bubbles are being used worldwide as a getaway for people from all different walks of life. In Ireland, there is a place called Finn Lough that gives it is guests a hotel experience under the night sky without being so close to one another. What else can give you the luxury feel while sleeping outdoors? With its’ famous, fabulous furnished domes, you will forget that you are outside with nature. Here at The leader of geodesic domes in usa, we understand that no two experiences are alike. This way of thinking has given our customers the cutting edge in dome spaces. There is no size fit all bubble. Therefore, we keep our customers in mind when we are building them their new domes. Domes are not just for the adult, but kids can now find amusement in the space that it gives. No more sleeping outside in small tents with an uncomfortable stay.  Now they can truly experience glamping without having to be on the hard ground.

With serval different floor plans, your imagination will not be left hanging in the dark. They come in sizes ranging from 13 feet to more than 26 feet in diameter. The floor area ranges from 135 to over 540 square feet. They are equipped with a high-end quiet 550-watt blower except for 23 feet and 26 feet in diameter, which come with two blowers. With outfitted glass entry and steel door frames, the high-grade PVC with steel frame keeps your mind rest ensured that it would withstand the test of time. These domes are waterproof, flame retardant, and UV resistant. When the weather wants to bring those frigid days or treacherous heat, they can still give you your desired functionality while keeping you comfortable through all the weather.  If that does not excite you, these bubbles come with the option to have multiple rooms leaving you in control of your experience. But one may say, what about using this type of dome for an enclosed eating environment?

bubble domes

We got you covered. Not only do these types of domes bring you a luxury hotel stay, but they can also bring you a dine-in experience or eating from home experience to a whole new level. Bubble domes have for the past year kept the public who ate outside safe when the pandemic hit. Who would ever think that 2020 would turn out the way it did?  With space and the privacy, it gives, many people have fallen in love with this type of domes. The bubble dome can bring a safe entering space for you and your guest to enjoy the hottest meal in the city or some ice cream on a hot summer day with family.

When you buy a bubble dome, a repair kit and storage bag will be included with your unit. When you purchase a dome, you are not only buying a new thing for a camping, but you are buying a luxurious hotel experience or dine-in experience that will be at your fingertips while being feeling comfortable.

Some famous hosting sites like Airbnb have already adopt these domes for the clients looking to experience the incredible.They are clearly the future of domes.

Thanks to domespaces®now everyone can excitingly enjoy the outdoors.

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