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Geodesic Domes: Incredible Uses Of Geodesic Domes

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If you are still asking yourself how to use Geodesic Domes?

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The earth we live in is a very active place, and because of this, earthquakes are unavoidable. In fact, the National Earthquake Information Centre locates about 12,000-14,000 earthquakes each year! Shocking, right?

Disasters like these are inevitable, but will be controlled by building a structure that helps you withstand the storm. This is often where a geodesic dome comes in handy. As an example, PVC domes are a great solution for natural disasters. What a relief!

Ever heard of geodesic domes?

If no, keep reading to find out more about geodesic domes, its numerous benefits and uses.

Let’s dive into full details.

 What is a Geodesic Dome?

Geodesic domes are sphere-like structures consisting of a network of triangles which give a self-balancing structural framework that uses minimal materials.

When and why was it invented?

Let’s go down history a bit:

  1. Buckminster Fuller was formerly known as the best inventor of the geodesic dome. Bucky felt that natural resources (such as wood, metal, coal, water, and so on) were becoming ever more scarce round the world, but that with proper planning and foresight, designers and scientists could develop new ways of using these precious natural resources more efficiently, thus ensuring that there would be enough resources to take adequate care of everybody in the world.

Throughout his career, Bucky traveled round the world to enlighten the masses about the importance of using design science to enhance the standard of living for all the people on planet Earth.

Most importantly, he inspired many folks to consider humanity on a worldwide scale, and to consider what they could do as individuals to unravel global problems.

Fuller wasn’t actually the first inventor. But his dome became the oldest surviving one.

In those years, the dome broke records for construction speed, covered surface, and enclosed volume.

 What are the benefits of building a Geodesic Dome?

Like we stated earlier, a geodesic dome helps you withstand disasters. But there also are other important benefits of geodesic domes to know.

They include:

1)  Domes Are are Efficient

The dome shape is especially efficient at shedding elements like snow and wind. In fact, a family in Florida built their home in the form of a dome and their home has withstood some hurricanes.

2) Domes Are Energy Efficient

Dome shaped structures are very energy efficient. In some cases, they will use only 1/4 of what a typical rectangular structure of the identical size would use. Thanks to no corners, domes are conducive to even temperatures throughout the structure and more efficient air circulation.

3) Domes  need high volume to surface area ratio

High volume to expanse ratio implies that less building materials are used and more room is out there inside the building.

4) Domes give a perfect Insulation

Geodesic Domes insulate very effectively. Also, it’s unique shape supports light refraction and this makes it stay inside the dome longer than other kinds of greenhouses. This feature amplifies winter lighting and also takes full advantage of solar gain, which suggests less artificial lighting.

5) Domes are Cost Effective

In the past, geodesic domes were too expensive and sophisticated to make. That’s not the case to an extent, now. PVC pipe and greenhouse plastics help in building a dome for fewer than it costs, and this helps you get some prefab greenhouses.

 What’s a Geodesic Dome used for?

Now we’re done talking about what a geodesic dome is, with its benefits. Let’s get to know what it can be used for.

Keep reading to find out 5 great uses of a geodesic dome

 1. Green houses

Building a Geodesic Greenhouse Dome is the most effective way to get mind-blowing results on your gardening ventures. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other plants, a PVC greenhouse is the best  option for amazing crops.

 2. Entertainment

To get the best experience of theatre in the comfort of your own home, a projection theater dome is what you need. By adding a cover to your dome you will be watching movies that you never thought was possible.

 3. Events :Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings are great. However, there are challenges that are inevitable. A dome could be a great choice for a wedding venue and will be a aesthetic location for your ceremony.

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 4. Camping

Domes make great tents for what has been called “Glamping.” Which they basically call camping in style. This new form of domes actually has some plumbing and heating settings. There are times when you need to unplug and get away from the noise, but you don’t want to give up all the amenities of your life. A geodesic dome helps in this case.

 5. Outdoor Storage

If you are in need of any extra storage, a dome makes an improbable outdoor storage shed. It helps you store all garden equipment supplies, toys, backyard furniture. Which helps in freeing up valuable space in your garage.


A Geodesic  Dome has numerous benefits and uses. It is cost effective, energy efficient and has a high volume to surface area ratio. It can be used for camping activities, outdoor storage, wedding events, green house and also entertainment.

If you want to found out more about how to create spaces using Domes check out more images here:

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