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Homes In A Box: A New Experience To Test

box homes

Homes in a box: An Experience you should experiment

Is Homes In A Box The New Homes Trend ?

Boxable Homes
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Why buy homes in a box? If you are someone who travels a lot or who like to travel home in a box is the best for you not only, he has everything you need such as open floor layout with a bedroom, bathroom, “living room”, dining, and kitchen area, washer, dryer, it really at an affordable price compared to a “real house” for example $50 000 for a casita which is fully furnished.

A Boxable house is a newcomer to the market, serving modern housing built in a precision manufacturing environment using state-of-the-art materials and the latest technologies, they are integrated USB ports on their power outlets. The apartments are very energy efficient, requiring considerably smaller air conditioning than a typical house.

Those boxable homes is a real deal for someone who wants to own a house without a big mortgage, buying a small house in a box will reduce the wait for the approval of the plans and moving into your own house, compared to the many months it takes to build a house conventional construction on site.

they came in different shape and size you can choose what you want. They were designed to bend so little to take care of over shipping, their size can be varied from 20 to 8 feet through the folding process which makes it easier to carry while also providing a good sound management.

The exterior is a skin of steel architecturally neutral and easy enough to customize once it comes, allowing you to create your unique own space (they are modular).

With which materials are assembled those boxable houses: The boxable are built with a non-combustible and precision steel and impenetrable, because they do not utilize timber or sheetrock, the construction materials are waterproof, ensuring that the structure will remain unharmed in the event of a flood, the manufacturers chose EPS foam materials because they are known to be non-degradable and have a long-life service. The system would be excellent for providing emergency housing for natural disasters.

They were designed to withstand the worst conditions, the building materials will not be damaged and will not develop mold, ensuring, they are also more durable and energy-efficient than traditional houses and capable of handling snow. This will be the best investment you will do.

Is it an audacious or adroit idea? last year an announcement on twitter shocked everyone, Elon Musk which is an entrepreneur and a business magnate CEO of Tesla and Chief engineer at SpaceX, sells all his belongings to lives in a Boxabl Casita measures 375 square feet, the prefabricated structure is reported to be worth less than $50,000 so that he can invest all his money in his project to travel to Mars.

“Much like clubhouse took the world by storm in early 2021, Boxabl is trending across the globe. Right now, the Casita creation has a 47,000-person waitlist, according to reports. With news of Musk’s new living situation, it’s likely that this waitlist will grow even longer”.

It’s quite an audacious idea the fact that we can have a whole house in tiny and affordable is great and will help a lot, we can all hope to that company  to continue his success.


Was the first company to promote those boxable homes, another innovating florida based start-up containersinmotion: the USA leader of container homes. started working on homes that comes in a Box.The president Barry Sendach has shared his thoughts on the homes Market in BBC radio, will he be the next Elon Musk in this Industry ?You can have a look on the site here :

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