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Legendary Igloo tents that changed the outdoors experience in 2021

igloo domes

Igloo tents have shown not just to be a thing of the past.

Igloos History

Igloo tenting is becoming a more popular way to embrace the outdoors. Igloo tenting comes from the original igloos or igloo, which are found in the northern parts of Canada, Alaska, and Northern Greenland, to name a few. Igloos have been around for hundreds of years as temporary shelter for Eskimos and Canadians. They are known for protecting their residents from the harsh elements of winter while, in most cases, on hunting trips. Igloos are shaped like a dome-like structure to keep them from erosion and provide sufficient heat throughout the winter. The process of building an igloo was not extremely difficult to make back then. When getting started, people started by drawing a circle to mark the location. Then they would dig out the snow that was not the fresh soft part and form snow blocks to build their igloos. Igloos, on average, depending on experience, can take between an hour and three hours to create. When igloos ice starts to melt after being built for a few days, the ice from the melting process makes the igloo structure more stable. This process shows that if the temperature is still highly below freezing, the structure will stand and can withhold more weight. Building the igloo was a fantastic process for the Eskimos and Canadians.

Igloo Tenting

But in the past few years, serval companies have come up with new interventive ways to do igloo tenting in a more lavisher way. Know a day; people use outdoor igloo tents as shelter while camping, for housing events, and more. Igloo tents have been around for many years and are used for many different reasons worldwide. With other functions like garden igloos to patio igloos, the use of Igloos has become almost unlimited. With the coronavirus pandemic, igloo tenting has also found a new home in the restaurant industry. Plastic igloo tents are now being used worldwide as a protective barrier for diners to enjoy the outside while dining out in public. With many people wanting to go out doing this pandemic, plastic igloos are becoming a high-demand item this season.  Also, igloos tents have become an attractive place to hold events, big or small, for concerts and corporate functions. People are also known to build temporary housing for themselves or others as a getaway place.

igloo tent

Greenhouse Igloos (Dome Greenhouse)

When we think of igloos, we think about housing for people doing the winter months or camping, to name a few. But there is another type of igloo tenting that does not provide shelter for people but something else. They are called garden igloos or dome greenhouse. They are primarily used to house plants and other food sources. They are very energy-efficient and solar-powered. They are an excellent looking place to have in your yard that will have your plants growing and bring about a stylish look to enhance your backyard or farmland. There are many different sizes to choose from depending on your needs or desires. People are known to house plants, but people are also known to add fish tanks, beautiful water fountains, and even different art designs to bring out the greenhouse igloo or dome greenhouse.

igloo tent

Throughout history and even today, igloos have shown to many that they are very versatile in their use. Because of their versatility, igloo tenting can even use them for many more years to come. Furthermore, knowing the earth’s state due to global warming, igloos have shown to be very eco-friendly and energy sufficient, as stated before. They are very stylish and bring the wow factor to the party. In all honesty, with the growing attention on igloo tenting, the possibilities have proven to be almost endless.

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Written By Terri.Grant and Reviewed by Kawtar.Dupont
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