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5 Must Know Incredible facts about Geodesic Domes !


Why are Geodesic Domes such sensational places?

What is a geodesic dome?

Geodesic domes are spherical structures that are made up of interconnecting lines. The interconnecting lines form many triangle shapes that make the structure stable.  When you think of geodesic domes, the first thing that comes to mind is a jungle gym at a playground. Many have, at some point, played on a jungle gym but never thought of its make-up. Geodesic domes are the strongest structures that man has ever come across because of their triangle form shapes. is the leading domes seller in USA, they have a large selection of domes from camping to event domes.Visit our homepage to find out more.

What is the purpose of geodesic domes?

There are many purposes in having them. Dating back in history, geodesic domes were invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1947. After WW2, Fuller wanted to build an affordable and efficient structure in which Fuller created the geodesic dome.   They are now used for residential homes, greenhouses, warehouses, water reservoirs, and entertainment spots. People can build these houses and entertainment domes by purchasing a dome kit or by inquiring about the expertise from Domes to construct the dome of your dreams. With their professional and exceptional experience, you will not be disappointed.

How are geodesic domes structurally efficient?

as stated earlier, these domes are considered the most robust structure that man has ever known. Because of the interconnecting lines that form a triangle shape, geodesic domes can hold it’s own. In addition, because of the triangle (pentagons and hexagons) shapes that make up the geodesic domes, the geodesic domes can withstand pressure from significant winds from hurricanes and heavy snow. The pressure from high winds is evenly distributed throughout the dome to cause the structure to be stable. This makes geodesic domes better than conventional homes.

geodesic domes

What are the disadvantages of geodesic domes?

One of the disadvantages of these type of  domes is that in most states, you need planning permission. Obtaining planning permission is not such an easy task. A second disadvantage is that there are not many companies that can adequately build a stable dome. Therefore is driving the market in geodesic domes because of the expertise it brings. is sought out from across the world because they do not just bring sound structure to the table, but they get the desired look. A third disadvantage is that geodesic domes are not your typical structured home, which will challenge the buyer in finding material to do the inside of your domes.

Are geodesic domes affordable?

Compared to the cost of an average structured home, those domes are very affordable. Some domes come prebuilt, so you do not even have to sit there and figure it out. They are lightweight and do not require as much material as an average home does. offers different price points depending on what you desire. Their geodesic domes units range from 77 sq ft at $2,900 to their DS5080 module at 21125 sq ft going for $244,000.  Compared to the geodesic domes, an average house with an sq ft of 4,000 is about $616,000 to build. This brings proof that geodesic domes are not only better for your pockets but are strong enough to handle almost any storm.

Geodesic Domes have proven themselves over the years to be reliable and affordable at the same time. With its stylish look and functionality that it brings, Fuller probably would never in a million years believes Fuller would see his invention after all over the world.

Geodesic domes are fun for everyone and the eye-catcher that people have been looking for. Visit  today to get started in on your next home or just an outdoor place to house your next adventure with geodesic domes.

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