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A Geodesic Dome :5 Important Things To Must Know

Here All What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Geodesic Dome

Everyday Domespaces® get waves of questions regarding our geodesic dome options along with some general questions regarding why you want a geodesic eco dome kit,  over a cookie cutter house or pop-up tent camping experience. While we certainly believe that the eco dome lifestyle is right for everyone, geo dome living isn’t perfect and we want to share its downsides with you as well. But since geo domes have certainly more upside than pitfalls, the Domespaces® team is excited to share with you all the things that make us so excited and passionate about geodesic domes.

  1. What Are the Different Sizes Of Domes ?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a geodesic dome?
  3. What are geodesic domes good for?
  4. Why Domespaces®?
Geodesic Dome

What Are the Different Sizes Of Domes ?

Geodesic domes come in every size you can imagine, from a small backyard  dome tent to the size of a football field, you think of it and a  dome can hold it. At our dome variety is as vast as they come, our domes come in 2V,3V ,4V ,6V, And 8V dome series with varying diameters and dome heights within each series. Check out for our full list of options. The “V” represents the “frequency” of the dome or how many triangles the dome has in its structure, the higher the “V” the larger the dome. Now you might be thinking, “Well that’s nice, but are geo domes expensive?”

Domespaces® offer Buckminster Fuller geodesic domes with a starting diameter of 10ft (3m), height of 7ft (2.1m), and a floor space of 77 sq ft (7.15m2). This 2V geodesic dome kit is valued at $2,900 USD (C$3694) The highest valued Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome offered by Domespaces® is the 6V  dome series with a diameter of 72ft (21.9m), a height of 36ft (10.97,), and a floor space of 4090 sq ft (397.97m2). This 6V  dome kit is valued at $38,000 UDS (C$48410). It doesn’t stop there, here at Domespaces® we offer 8V geodesic dome options. Our 8V series picks up right where the 6Vs left off, but our options max out at 82ft tall (25m), 164ft (50m) diameter, and 21,125 sq ft (1962m2) geodesic dome floor space. For this half of a football field sized geo dome kit you’ll have to reach out to us at for pricing. Geodesic dome size and pricing varies and can be adjusted to fit your geo dome kit needs.

Geodesic dome

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a geodesic dome?

 We love our  domes so much we could talk about their advantages for as long as you’re willing to listen, but here is all you really need to know before choosing your own eco-friendly year round geodesic living space. Geo dome kits offer a reliable, safe, and waterproof living environment for any climate and can handle whatever nature can throw at it. Geodesic dome homes are resistant to high wind speeds, heavy rainfall, and snow. Worried about materials and cost? Domes enclose the highest volume of open interior living space with the lowest required surface area, which saves you money on material and cost. Dome interiors offer an excellent ability to naturally heat and cool your space by allowing air and energy to circulate freely throughout the structure, saving you money on electricity and saving the planet from wasteful energy use.

There are also some disadvantages to the dome-life that you should be aware of. Looking to build your own geodesic home, or plan on using another outside contractor? Well you may be kissing your savings on material waste and cost goodbye. While geodesic domes make great homes once built, getting them built isn’t easy. Monolithic domes are formed by a series of triangles that fit together creating a tight waterproof structure and the dome itself requires 30% less surface area than a conventional structure. Although, cutting triangles out of sheet material is very wasteful and costly. At Domespaces® we have maximized our manufacturing efficiency specifically for geodesic structures which allows us to maintain cost effective and eco-friendly construction. A similar problem you will run into in the geodesic construction process is fitting windows and doors onto your dome structure since conventional windows and doors are rectangles and don’t fit well with the geodesic triangle supports. That being said, our Domespaces® kits can be customized to efficiently fit your desired window and door designs seamlessly into the geodesic structure.

What are geodesic domes good for?

Monolithic domes are some of the strongest man-made structures available making them structurally superior to square homes. Geo domes are the only man-made structure that gets proportionally stronger as they increase in size. Geodesic dome shelters can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snowfall. Geodesic dome homes provide the homeowner a safer, cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to conventional homes.

Why Domespaces®?

Domespaces® is America’s leading supplier of  Domes. With low prices and high quality we build our clients’ dream domes at the cheapest prices around. Guiding innovation for the market, our purpose is to create exceptional dome spaces that support a healthy planet and a clean lifestyle. We offer top of the line efficient manufacturing practices that provide you with the highest quality domes in the most eco-friendly manner on the market. Fully customize your geodesic dome’s size, color, and accessories such as solar exhaust fans. Domespaces® domes are uniquely affordable allowing you to live mortgage free, keeping you financially secure and environmentally responsible. Come check us out at

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