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5 Great Things In Glamping

glamping places

What Should You Know About  Glamping?

Glamping allows people to camp in multiple other ways rather than the traditional style of tents and campers. There are modifications to have different kinds of buildings, facilities, and more!

1-You Can Use Geodome Kits For Glamping

The first great truth to glamping in Canada is there are beautiful geo dome kits are available to any client to create their own. The dome kits info can also be found by looking at external sites relating to all domes, such as When going to this site, you can personalize your order and customize the price based on what you want including for your dome! Examples are shown both for the United States areas and in Canada.

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2- Canada: Best Place To Camp

Canada has spectacular views to set up your domes for glamping. Once you try glamping here, you will not ever want to go back to boring, old camping! Geodesic dome yurts are a great option for glamping since they can be made to withstand different environments and can have the comfort of your normal home

glamping places

3- Pricing :

There are concerns with some people about the pricing for glamping domes since they are so nicely furnished and work well in a multitude of places. However, glamping dome prices can be a range from very little to moderately high depending on the extent of items/décor you would like to include with it. A third great truth is the pricing to get these domes. The prices are still unbeatable for the quality of home and lifestyle you get to endure. This is also seen when purchasing a permanent dome tent. A permanent dome tent is received by customers who wish to have a dome that can last longer and can be used in a place where they wish to stay for longer periods of time rather than a smaller vacation or a few months out of the year.

4-Green housing options

The fourth great truth to glamping in Canada is this is a great way to also look for a dome that can be more permanent and not just for living, but for planting, is through the 4-season greenhouse in Canada. This is an excellent approach to using the whole year for growing different seasonal plants/food that would otherwise be difficult to do. While there are many places in the United States that go through extreme weather (Midwest with cold winters and hot summers) or places that never reach the correct growing temperature that certain plants need to thrive, Canada offers this 4-season greenhouse in Canada as an alternative to expand the growing process so that there are no “bad” seasons for people to get the flowers they want.


A great place to go glamping in Canada and to set up for 4-season green housing as well is in Ontario. Some destinations in Ontario that are highly rated/popular to visit are Tobermory and Niagara-on-the-Lake. These are just a couple of examples of places for dome camping in Ontario where the sites are breath-taking, luxurious, and relaxing for any client to enjoy. The weather adheres to our needs and invites you to stay as long as you want.

If you are not keen on domes there are other ways to camp while glamping, like container tents and yurt tents

5-Yurts And Containers

The last great truth for glamping in Canada is that if you wish to find a suitable dome but do not know where to find a better one that caters to your price range as well, there are available yurt domes for sale online and through previous clients that feel they have already gotten their use from them. This is a great resource to use and can be seen through our website and our Facebook page, Yurtspaces, and can be found on the Containers in Motion website to give more information about it.

Glamping in Canada provides a natural, beautiful, and relaxing experience that is not seen by doing anything else. To find more information or to see reviews from our happy customers, go online to our websites and find out for yourself why choosing these domes and locations can be the best thing for you right now.

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