Event Domes

Looking for a way to transform your venue for an event? Make your event unique with a
dome tent! Large geodesic dome tents are ideal for hosting weddings, holiday events, formals,
proms, and any other large scale parties and events.Either you are a particular or an event management company, our event domes (tents) are a pefect fit for your organisation.
Geodesic domes for events create a unique atmosphere that can be tailored to your
specific needs. Dome tents are available in a variety of sizes that can be scaled to the number
of people attending your special event. With a variety of sizes available, our dome tents are
ideal for any size gathering. By customizing the exterior of the geodesic dome tent, unique
features such as printed logos and text on the tent cover will leave a lasting impression on the
attendees of your event. Our staff can help determine your needs and make your vision a reality
with a customizable geodesic dome for your event.
In utilizing one of our geodesic dome tents for your special event, your guests will be
protected from the elements in style. Our range of party domes are waterproof, wind resistant,
and snow resistant. The unique design of your geodesic dome tent will both serve a functional
and aesthetic purpose for your special event. The durability of the tents will help to ensure that
your special day goes smoothly.
When you make your event unique with a dome tent, you will leave a lasting impression
your guests will not be soon to forget. Our staff is here to help you design geodesic domes both
inside and out for any event.


Wind Resistant

Snow Resistant

Dome Sizes

Diameter: 10ft to 164ft

Dome Sizes