Bubble Domes

Bubble Domes:Put the night sky on display while you sleep under the stars in a climate-controlled bubble camping dome.

Be inspired by nature: A  Bubble Dome is the perfect way to experience it. Bubble Domes are fast becoming the go to product for people who love the outdoors. Bubble Dome camping is growing faster than traditional camping tents, and not just because we offer eco-friendly products.

The Bubble Domes feature spacious floor plans with the perfect blend of innovation and comfort. Bubble Domes range in size from 13 feet to over 26 feet in diameter. The floor area ranges from 135 to over 540 square feet. Bubble Domes are equipped with a quiet, high-end 550 watt blower, except for 23 and 26 feet in diameter which comes with two blowers.

Bubble Domes are outfitted with a glass entry door and a steel door frame. Bubble Domes are constructed from high-grade PVC with a steel frame. They are waterproof, flame retardant, UV resistant, and can function in temperatures ranging from 5 degrees F to over 120 degrees F. A repair kit and storage bag are included in each unit.

Thanks to the Bubble Dome you will truly enjoy nature and the great outdoors.Please visit us at to buy your Bubble Dome today.