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Domes Homes- The Future Of Homes

Home in a Dome

Dome Homes Create Your Dreams While Aligning Design And Quality.  

dome homes

They do not only promise but build as well. Our family loves being part of your dreams and fulfilling them. Whether it is a dome home, camping home, a treehouse, or just design and build, this is our thing. We create living and playing spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life with products that respect the environment. 

We provide diverse varieties of these domes such as: underground dome houses, Eco-friendly dome houses, Geodesic dome houses, solar dome houses, Monolithic dome houses, and also many domes products that improve our client’s business and make life indoors along with outdoors better and guide innovations in this space to the market. 

Our main vision statement is: Build Customers’ Dreams Because Your Satisfaction Builds Our Reputation.

Why Dome Homes ?

They are the perfect affordable housing solution for humanity with a price that works for every budget. Domespaces® offers you an eco-friendly house made from recycled products that are fire-resistant, impact-resistant, and weatherproof that will last you a lifetime. Each Domespace offers unlimited square footage as our domes can be linked together allowing for as much room as you need. The domes are easy to build, comfortable to live in, energy-efficient, and low maintenance. In which you can put your imagination to work and design your own unique, safe and fun environment!

Domespaces® is the leading brand of outdoor life domes in the USA and around the world. The selection and uses of our domes are only limited by our experience and your imagination. Domes are used for many things from permanent homes, guest quarters, vacation cabins, estate outbuildings, commercial locations, and home art studios to learning centers and as temporary structures for disaster relief shelters.

Since 1980, Dyster Corporation has offered fiberglass dome structures, called domespaces, that can accommodate your home, greenhouse, and barn. When you visit and view our product line, where you’ll find many styles of domes like brooks construction dome homes, family dome homes, plastic dome homes, Oregon geodesic dome homes, and dome tent homes, etc. to suit your needs.

Every dome is designed for low cost, exceptional strength, and durability in the worst weather conditions. Add-ons like skylights, doors, windows, and wall panels are available anytime by dialing +1 561 807 1969or email us at:  

We create living and playing spaces that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life with products that respect the environment. We are the leading manufacturer of Dome houses and the only company that is committed to providing our clients with a genuine alternative to traditional housing.

A Dome house is the future of living:

  • Our domes provide an energy-efficient, compact, and long-lasting shelter that is resistant to most natural events. A Domespaces® dome is suitable as a primary home, vacation home, or second home.
  • The most common uses for our domes are as inspirational homes, offices, music studios, vacation homes, and much more that you can explore at

Dome Camping Home

We provide you with the best geodesic dome homes, round dome houses, styrofoam tiny dome houses, and fiberglass dome houses made from the finest materials to create comfortable living spaces for you and your family.

Dome TreeHouse

Our treehouses are built using high-quality materials that are installed on sustainable trees to ensure the longevity of the structure while protecting the trees around it.

All our buildings are made with an aluminum frame that is strong, durable, lightweight, and completely recyclable. Our patented roof design can be used for several applications that include residential houses, office spaces, leisure centers, or sports facilities.

Benefits :

  • Dome Homes is a company that specializes in building environmentally-friendly dome houses for its clients. Dome Homes uses a unique construction process to build these dome houses.
  • Dome Homes is a structural engineering company specializing in the design and planning of sustainable homes, especially Monolithic Dome Home Construction.
  •  We provide consulting, architectural services, and construction management to architects, builders, and developers. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients.
  • They are very unique in nature and have an attractive appearance, thus making them more appealing to prospective customers. 
  • Dome Homes provides architectural services to architects, builders, and developers who are interested in building sustainable homes that meet or exceed the building codes for their area. 

We offer

  • We help people create their dreams, like treehouses and dome homes. 
  • Those things can be expensive, but we have lots of experience, and we’re happy to help you get everything within your budget which you need for it.
  • We help people design and build their homes by using our website
  • We make delusion houses for people. We build new stuff, like roundhouses, treehouses, fireproof houses, wooden domes houses, and many more, and we design and build the houses as per clients’ choices. 
  • We use a special kind of glass that has many colors like the rainbow, and it is sturdy and strong so it will never break. 
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