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5 Things To Must Know About Treehouses


By Zehra RAZA

What Does Dyester Offer?

In order to reduce the impacts of climate change, DYESTER services the outdoor world by making environmentally sustainable tree tents, also known as tree houses. You will be able to find amazing Treehouses domes for sale, along with various types of domes and tents like glamping domes, high-end luxury tents, authentic Mongolian Yurts, and various types of products that make living outside easy, fun, and safe. The company is located in 150+ countries, with tree tents for sale in the UK, USA, and many other parts of the world. Our tree tent is a relaxing place where you can lodge and can also use as a shelter, outdoor recreation, or as a lifestyle activity. There are many uses for tree tents, and they will also make a good impact on your mental health while supporting the environment. Also, Enhance your knowledge of luxury glamping tents by reading this article on Glamping

tree house

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Dyester’s Commitment to Fight The Climate Change

Climate change has brought many negative consequences, as it negatively influences Temperature, food security, air quality, and causes droughts. Climate change is perpetrated by our actions, which is called carbon footprint. As individuals, humans produce 16 tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. This is harmful for the environment, as the temperature increases, air pollution becomes hazardous, and water becomes more scarce. Our firm is committed to combating the negative consequences of climate change. You will be guilt-free buying our products because the waste generated is minimal, the energy sources are renewable, and the treehouses leave a low carbon footprint.

Treehouses: Uses

You can access the treehouses dome on the trees, underneath the hanging tree, or have the tent suspended between trees. Camping dome tents can be used to have a relaxing weekend with family and friends, watch the beautiful sunset, and experience serene nature. The tree tent is a wonderful way to make lifelong memories with family and friends. Our purpose is to create living spaces and amazing venues that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life. You can use the treehouse dome for accommodation by providing a unique lodging experience. The treehouse domes can have comfortable beds and seating for guests, which can offer a comfortable stay. Not only that but if you are looking for a place to harness your creativity, then the treehouse domes can be a perfect space for everyone who wants to focus on their work while being surrounded by nature. Events can also take place in the treehouse, where there is a memorable surrounding that will make the event unique and fun. Last but certainly not least, if you want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life, kindly remember that our treehouse tents can offer a relaxing and comfortable space where beautiful nature can be appreciated.


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Quality Assurance

You are able to access a high-quality treehouses tent. We use galvanized steel, which does not rust, there is a reduced chance of corrosion, and helps a product withstand harsh weather conditions. The treehouse tent is also UV resistant and can be cleaned easily. We use double PVC-coated polyester with a PVC custom bay window, which is a waterproof flexible fabric best for glamping tents and permanent outdoor living spaces. While the treehouse domes are constructed from galvanized steel dipped in a white plastic coating. The exterior standard white transparent PVC top with a clear PVC door that includes a zipper, while the bottom part is PVC. The tree houses dome unit comes complete with a middle floor and mattress. So, no worries about quality as we assure to provide you with strong and durable material.

Nature Benefits

Our tree houses can be located at the heart of nature. In fact, nature can offer various benefits for people looking to de-stress. It has been found that there is a strong correlation between the time spent in nature and the reduction of negative emotions. There can be a reduction in depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Stress is also relieved because time spent in nature reduces cortisol (a stress hormone). Dopamine and endorphin levels are produced, which are happy hormones. Grief processing can also be assisted by nature. This is because being in nature helps you cope better, which includes having higher self-awareness and self-concept, as well as happier moods. Nature can also promote cognitive development. For instance, a study found that schools near green spaces promote cognitive development in children and help promote self-control behaviours, it was also shown that adults assigned to public housing units near nature had better attentional functioning than those who had less exposure to nature.


We are committed to providing high-quality items while taking care of the environment. Whether you are looking to de-stress or host an event, our tree houses can be a great and memorable way to spend time with loved ones or to catch up on any work. You can find more information about our company by visiting The Domes leader in USA and also to learn more about our treehouse domes .


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