Glamping geodesic domes explained

Glamping geodesic dome is a way of enjoying yourself in nature, but without giving up on the comfort, you are used to. It still includes being and sleeping in the great outdoors, but on a pretty comfortable bed, wooden floor, chairs, tables, electricity, heating, and often much more.
A glamping geodesic dome is a perfect place to relax after a long hike or mountain biking.
In a way, it is a compromise between a hotel room and a tent. Or at least many people see it like that.
When you are on a glamping adventure, you get to focus only on the surrounding nature and its beauty, not on things like where you are going to find drinking water or whether you should boil your water first.
In that area, you are covered as almost all glamping facilities are well supplied with drinking water as well as water to take care of your basic hygienic needs.