Domes can be used year round.

Camping domes are available in several sizes. The high quality steel structurer, combined with high quality PVC membrane ensures that camping domes can be used year round. Outfit your dome with all many of the comforts of your home. Power can be supplied by solar panels, or generator. A portable wood stove can keep you warm. Domes can be connected to existing electrical and water supply, eco digester system or a septic tank. Installation of camping domes are easily assembled at site. We provide you with manual instruction and support. Pods can be expanded to clients desired size. In most cases there is no need for building permits. It can be easily set up by anyone. Each camping tent is supported by support steel “feet” which can be anchored to wooden, concrete or hardground. Decking is available for the structure along with a variety of interior floors.


Wind Resistant

Snow Resistant

Dome Sizes

Diameter: 10ft to 164ft