Why Geodesic Dome camping over classic tent camping?

Geodesic Domes vs Classic Tents


There are several reasons why this is the case. First of all, because domes are extremely durable, much more than most tents.
As everyone knows and has spent time in nature, weather and nature are quite unpredictable.Heavy rains, strong winds, sudden fall of temperatures, curious wild animals all that can come crushing at you in a small notice.
Then, what was supposed to be a fun trip can turn into a fight for survival.
Most types of tents don’t stand much of a chance against any of the things mentioned above.
They will crumble the second any of those things occur.
That’s not the case with domes that are much sturdier and can withstand far more pressure. Also, it’s much harder for an animal to enter a dome.
Assumingly, the dome is built from quality materials and well-sealed. Their specific structure and rigid cover materials make them resistant to any storm, whether it is rain, wind, or a combination of both. One family from Florida designed its home as a dome.

Their home withstood several hurricanes while their neighborhood was brought to rubbles.
Geodesic domes are very efficient, much more than any other type of construction.
Because of their unique shape light refracts and manages to stay inside longer than in any construction.
Thanks to this feature, geodesic homes make the most of solar gain and absorb all winter lightning, which means lesser use of artificial lighting.

Geodesic Domes